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  • Molecular Constellation

    Molecular Constellation

    The Molecular Constellation was a Burning Seed 2018 art installation that combined unique geometric shapes, black lights (UV), optical illusions of anti-gravity and some advanced electronics & software architecture. A team of 20+ artists made this dream happen – following the successful cooperation of Darby Bicheno and myself in several Burn projects the Molecular Constellation […]

  • 2017 – SadoPunk – LED piston based respiratory system

    2017 – SadoPunk – LED piston based respiratory system

    Melbourne regional burning man there was “Deep Space” and for the decompression party that was my costume. In the last couple of years I’ve been working in the medical field, mostly on LVADs – Left Ventricular Assist Device ( I was deeply influenced by it and wanted to make some kind of respiratory/heart-lungs machine as […]

  • 2016 – SpaceCorn – Burning SEED (Australia) artwork

    2016 – SpaceCorn – Burning SEED (Australia) artwork

    Regional burns are a new-old thing that spread like a brush fire in the recent years. Burning SEED is South eastern Aussie Burn (Happens in New South Wales state) and this year the theme was Deep Space. As a super nerd with deep love to SciFi and the fact that I love the outdoors, grow […]

  • 2015 – Warlock costume – Staff & invisibility cloak

    2015 – Warlock costume – Staff & invisibility cloak

    When this project was started what I had in mind is some kind of invisibility cloak. Unfortunately it not existing yet bet the closest thing I can do is an invisibility cloak at night.   I played more with the idea and it evolved more and for Burning man 2015 I built warlock costume. This […]

  • 2015 – LED cannon

    2015 – LED cannon

    Gifting is one of the 10 principles of Midbun (Israel regional Burning man) and a great way to give a gift is by hand it over with a cannon 🙂 The idea is simple yet impressive: Build an enlarged potato cannon, stuff it with flying/hovering/rotating LEDs and fire it. The LEDs would fly and drop […]

  • 2014 – Tutu skirt that reacts to sound

    2014 – Tutu skirt that reacts to sound

    For a Midburn 2014 Decompression party I wanted to make something special. I wanted to created a wearable clothe that response to its environment. I choose sound because the tutu skirt was meant to be worn during a party.. party = good music, so I wanted the tutu skirt react to it. Here is a short […]

  • 2015 – Spark2Sound

    2015 – Spark2Sound

    For Midbrun 2015 (Israel regional Burning man) I joined a theme camp and decided to build an art installation for it. I built a musical instrument that generates sound through spark igniters. The spark igniters generates each keynote by begin installed in a perspex (PMMA) tube. I bought 3 meters of 60mm perspex pipe and […]

  • 2015 – Melbourne white night – Crucible dragon project

    2015 – Melbourne white night – Crucible dragon project

    In January-March 2015 I went on a vacation and visit a close friend who lives in Melbourne. Couple of months before my flight I contacted a group of local artists from the international Burning man community. I got to know the Crucible project through the regional Burning Man in Israel (aka MidBurn). Luck was in my […]