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  • 2010 – First multi rotor

    2010 – First multi rotor

    In 2010 I scratch built my own first multi-rotor – a quadcopter. Unfotunetlly (and luckily) at that time there no multi-rotor flight controls on the market like we have nowadays(2015).. so I build my own I used an existing PCB design that I got from a guy in the Netherlands, took apart some RC […]

  • 2007 – 4 Axis CNC foam machine

    2007 – 4 Axis CNC foam machine

    I’m a Remote Control(RC) models freak enthusiast since I remember myself. I’ve fascinated by flying about anything – especially RC airplanes and small unmanned aircrafts – UAVs. When I was at the age of 21 I wanted to start building aircraft at my own design buy couldn’t find a cheap and effective way to do […]

  • 2012 – Project Battle Suit

    2012 – Project Battle Suit

    At the age of 17 I started to practice martial arts (Krav Maga) and always wanted to build some kind of suit that will measure and mark the hits that are being thrown in combat. So That’s what I did.. I took a martial art suit and installed FSR sensors on it. The sensors measured […]