About Me

10396304_10152505382679474_3435212513718799847_nHi guys, my name is Maayan Dermer but everyone is calling me Dreamer so I endures it as my nickname 🙂 I’m a Dreamer, Maker and a technology freak. I like gadgets, new emerging technologies and to create cool stuff.

I’ve created this blog because in most of the places that I worked for (IDF, IAI, DK and others) I couldn’t publish my work because of commercial confidentiality or any other reasons 😉 But, in this blog you can find a handful of projects that I did over the years, some of them are artistic – Bunting Man style, some of them are technologically cool, some of them are very useful, but the common thing to all of them is the gamification of the user experience.  I hope you’ll enjoy reading about them as much I enjoyed to make them.

I’ll start at the end, nowadays I design avionics‘ hardware and embedded software as my “day job” and do cool projects for fun as a hobby using the same technologies, this is how I got there 🙂

I stepped into the the Radio Control (RC) modeling world when I was 8 and I’m still in it up to my neck, It my passion, hobby and profession. I have pursued it with an intense interest since then.

The RC hobby was always something I did in the background no matter in which stage or age I was in my life. At the age of 17.5 (2001) I started to study Computer Science under a scholarship from IDF (Israel Defense Force – Army) and later on I did my compulsory service as a software developer – this part in my life is one of my strongest foundations, I enjoyed my time in the Army. During that time I built my CNC machine. It was a life-altering event. It was the first time that I did a BIG project (It took my 9 months to built it) and after that I realized I can do ANYTHING! So I started to learn on my own mechanics, electronics, electro-optics, embedded software and anything else that was an interest to me.

Another thing that had great influence on me was Yossi Vardi‘s event Kinnernet which I was invited to. When I saw that there are more technology enthusiasts and Makers that are into building their dreams I got an adrenaline shot to do more crazy stuff that I had in my mind.. And I’m doing it since then.

After the Army I went to travel in south america(another RC tale.. hehe) got back to Israel and started working in a Startup that does micro-robotics and embedded systems. After that I started working for IAI (Israel Aerospace Industries) in designing and building Avionics’ hardware and embedded software – It was a dream came true.

Out of need and the urge to help other RC enthusiasts on 2007 with Itzik Ronen I’ve established www.efly.co.il – the biggest RC Portal & forums system in Israel for UAV developers and RC enthusiasts. Today it is the leading website/Portal/forums’ system and community in Hebrew for RC/UAV.

On 2012 I’ve established www.makers.co.il – A DIY/Making Portal & forums system Micro-Robotics designers and Makers in Israel. Today it is the leading website/Portal/forums’ system and community in Hebrew for Makers in Israel.

You can find most of my project here and the code and details insturctions in my Github: http://github.com/MDreamer and in Makers.co.il (in Makres.co.il its in Hebrew.. sorry)