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  • 2010 – First multi rotor

    2010 – First multi rotor

    In 2010 I scratch built my own first multi-rotor – a quadcopter. Unfotunetlly (and luckily) at that time there no multi-rotor flight controls on the market like we have nowadays(2015).. so I build my own I used an existing PCB design that I got from a guy in the Netherlands, took apart some RC…

  • 2008 – Pylon Race molding and casting

    2008 – Pylon Race molding and casting

    Pylon Racer molding I like the thrill of speed in RC pylon racing! Always had. The thing is the those kind of models tends to break. A lot. With each model costs hundreds of US dollars I decided that I want to build my own. I learn how to mold and cast using materials from…

  • 2007 – 4 Axis CNC foam machine

    2007 – 4 Axis CNC foam machine

    I’m a Remote Control(RC) models freak enthusiast since I remember myself. I’ve fascinated by flying about anything – especially RC airplanes and small unmanned aircrafts – UAVs. When I was at the age of 21 I wanted to start building aircraft at my own design buy couldn’t find a cheap and effective way to do…